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CNFT Tools Services
At CNFT Tools we provide services to both projects and collectors of CNFTs.
  • Listings
  • Custom APIs
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Discord / Twitter Bots
  • Stake Pool Setup / Administration
  • Free Project Promotion
  • Advertising
CNFT Tools Listing
400 ADA
Market Aggregation
A CNFT Tools listing is a great way to get your project in front of the CNFT community. Allow your users to browse all your nfts in one place. We aggregate listings across all CNFT markets.
The original and most trusted source for rarity rankings in CNFT's. We work with before during and after mint to make sure that their vision is realised.
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Discord Bots

Power Up Your Servers

Every CNFT Tools listing comes with our standard Tools Bots package.
Verifier Bot
The most widely used Discord Verifier in the CNFT Space
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Sales Bots
Discord and Twitter Sales Bots to keep your community up to date
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Whitelist Bot
Take in addresses for whitelists or airdrops. Multiple roles supported.
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Floor and Rarity Bot
Get all the stats on your collections directly in your discord server.
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Premium Bots

In addition to our standard bots, we also offer premium bots for your server.
Giveaway Bot
The ulitmate giveaway bot for your discord server. Fully customisable and easy to use.
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Poker Bot
Take ALL of the hastle away from organising your projects poker tournaments.
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Custom Sales Bot
A more advanced sales bot built with your projects branding and needs in mind.
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Minting Services
Bespoke Service
A full minting resource for your project from start to finish. Offering:
  • IPFS Pinning
  • Meta Creation
  • Custom Minting Website
  • Airdrops
  • Competitive Rates
Mint with CNFT Tools
Our minting platform offers our full suite of Bots along with a listing on CNFT.Tools. (minimum drop size 500) We will be there for you to offer full support from start to finish along with the ability to preview your project before launch.
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Text Ad
The premium spot on CNFT Tools. This advert shows on every page of the site and is exclusive to one project at a time.
Banner Ads
Banner ads are a great way to get your project in front of the CNFT community. Our Banner pool show on all ancillary pages and is front and centre of the homepage as our users browse the site.
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Custom Services
We operate a full API suite for projects needing info about their NFTs, Snapshots based on discord roles. And any custom API that is needed.
Stake Pool Operation
CNFT Tools successfully runs stake pools for multiple projects. A Cardano stakepool is a great way to show your confidence in the Cardano ecosystem and to reward your community with stake returns and potentially airdrops for stakers.
We offer a free promotion service for projects on our discord. We are able to run competitions and giveaways for projects which have conditions such as the winners must have joined your discord or own a certain number of your NFTs.
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